March 7, 2017

The Head Scarf

Head scarves are excellent accessories and are a great way to enhance woman’s style. A woman wearing a  head scarf will always look polished and chic.In addition to wearing a head scarf on your head, you can wear it around your neck, on your wrist or around your waist as a belt.

Head scarves are perfect to wear if you have a bad hair day or just do not want to fuss over your hair. And you can wear them all year round.


Print silk skinny scarf


Chic & Simple way to wear a head scarf


Chic head wrap





Fun & Playful




Casual Chic

Paisley Bandana Scarf



Bouquet/diamond silk scarf


Geometric silk bandana


Cotton silk cashmere scarf


Natural, Earthy & Chic


Chic Bohemian




Cool classic look



Wrap your hair bun with a scarf


Just Fab





Printed silk scarf




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