November 7, 2016

Green Cocktail Rings


The cocktail ring was born during the Art Deco period, roaring 20s, the era of change also known as  the prohibition period. Alcohol was banned. Underground  clubs served illegal alcohol and  private cocktail parties were prevalent.  Women’s fashion changed during this era; it was decadent and glamorous. Accessories played a key role in fashion; they were bold and opulent. The Art Deco Cocktail Ring was having  a fashion moment. It was “The ring” to wear to the infamous cocktail parties.

Even though it is called cocktail ring, it’s not meant to be worn only to cocktail parties; It can be worn for  any occasion.

There are various types of stones used for the cocktail ring : cubic zirconia to gemstones in different shapes and colors with price ranging from low to high.

The traditional way to wear the cocktail ring is on the ring finger. For an edgy look, wear it on your index finger, for a bold look, put it on your middle finger.

 Below is a selection of cocktail rings.




                                                         Wearing a cocktail ring on the index finger screams edgy, glam and bold

                                                                                       Pomellato  Prasiolite ring set in Rose Gold

                                                                 Pomellato’s rings exude relaxed chic and laid back elegance

Green Ring

                                                                           Emerald  cut silver cocktail ring


                                                                      Cocktail Rings…So many to choose from…what’s a girl to do?

                                                                       Tiffany green quartz cocktail Ring

                                                                     Sophisticated Tiffany  Quartz Ring



                                                                                      Gold plated ring with faceted Jade

                                                                                                 Classic, simple look

Cabochan Ring

                                                                                Cabachon Ring by Elsa Peretti

                                                                                           Jade 18ct gold ring

                                                                                          A  work of art..

                                                                                   Wear it on your middle finger for a bold look

Green Onyx and emerald Ring

                                                                                      Green Onyx Ring encased in gold

baccarat ring

                                                                                      Crystal encased in yellow gold

Baccarat Ring

                                                                                          Green Crystal & gold ring


                                                                                               Green Cocktail  Ring

                                                                                       Swarovksi Georgian style inspired ring







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2 thoughts on “Green Cocktail Rings

  1. Green stoned cocktail rings are stunning eye catchers at any social gathering. It’s a proper and powerful color of beauty, while the setting is just as important as the stone. I found any of the rings you chose desirable.

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