September 19, 2016

Relaxed Chic Denim Style

Denim transcends time, fashion, age and gender; and is a staple item in everyone’s closet. To” add icing to the cake”, This season, denim is having a major fashion moment; There is a plethora of styles and washes to choose from. Denim Brands  and Design Houses  are currently featuring  denim with frayed details, floral embroidery, patchwork, tie dye and deconstructed looks.

Shopping for denim is an arduous task, even for the seasoned shopper. It takes time to find the perfect pair. However, the time and effort one puts into finding the right fit and style is worth it. When you find a brand that is right for your body type and suitable for your lifestyle, stick with it, that is not to say you can’t venture out to explore other brands. It’s always good to have options.

Whenever I  purchase a pair of jeans, I take one size up from my true size, for two reasons: I like a loose fit, and allot for possible weight gain. When I find my “my denim soulmate”, I purchase two sizes, because it is heart wrenching when I can  no longer fit in my jeans, or it has a lot of wear and tear, and my  seamstress tells me  in  a very gentle way that my perfect denim is beyond repair and it is time to let go and put it to rest: Then!! I find out I cannot replace it because the style has been discontinued, or the brand no longer exists. What’s a girl to do?…

To achieve a relaxed chic and polished look, wear dark denim jeans  with a dark blue denim shirt, make sure the  weight of the shirt is lighter than the jeans, or pair your jeans with a  white tailored button down shirt.  For a relaxed, casual  denim look wear a medium to light wash jean with a similar wash denim shirt, or  wear it with a blouse or a tee shirt, To exude elegance  wear  dark jeans with it a fitted tailored black jacket, or tuxedo jacket with a stunning pair of flats, or  beautiful  heels.

This season the denim world is your oyster.

Just remember… keep it simple, keep it chic!




Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.56.46 PM  Chic and sleek denim on denim look





                                                                              Casual Elegance


                                                                 Styling idea for cropped  flare denim

                                                                               M.I.H Cropped Bell jeans



                                                   Relaxed chic   Denim on Denim it!!




                                                       Casual Denim on Denim look


                                                                              Mother destroyed flared jeans

                                                                                    Look chic in distressed jeans






                                                                          The Leandra by Re/Done





                                          Innovative way to wear different shades of denim





Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.03.58 AM


                                                                                    Janis Flare denim



                                                                                              Michael Kors


                                                                                 How to style Frayed denim

                                                                                 Antonia Blue Flip Flop Jeans



                                                                 Relaxed denim on denim look


                                                     Stella McCartney  Patchwork denim



                                                             Victoria Beckham  Patchwork denim



Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2016


                                                                    A touch of glam….



                                                                     Greg Lauren  Deconstructed Elegance





                                                                                   Frame Skinny Jeans



                                                                             Relaxed elegance





                                                                        Cool denim look by Free People






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